FAQ - GardenWellness24


Delivery time:

The delivery time is 2-4 weeks. We oblige to quality delivery to the buyers stated address. To lift the hot tub additional 3-4 men will be needed. Please make sure You can lift the hot tub when it is delivered.


How to maintain the hot tub:

Please check the leaflet which was delivered with the hot tub.


Will the hot tub be ready to used when it is delivered:
The wooden hot tub should be filled with 100-200 liters of water and soaked for 48-72 hours. The hot tub will fully soak and swell within 72-120 hours.
All the fiberglass/stainless steel hot tubs are made ready to use.


What constitutes a hot tub equipment:
Hot tub equipment: Hot tub, heater, Stainless steel chimney with a cap,Stainless steel clamping stripes, Wooden heater protective grid, Hot tub cover, Wooden stairs, Heater cleaning tools.


How can the temperature be regulated in the hot tub:
You can regulate the temperature by sliding the heaters lid. 


How can the hot tub be placed in the yard or other place:
The hot tub should be placed in a stable, even place. You can use a pallet or put it strait on the ground. It is recommended to keep the tub 10 cm above the ground, to prevent the wood from moisture.


Can the hot tub with external heater be moved:
The hot tub with external heater can be moved, but it is recommended to disconnect the hot tub and the heater.


When it is recommended to use hydro systems:

We recommend to add and use hydro systems when the temperature won't go bellow 2-4°C. Otherwise You have to make sure that there won't be any water left in the systems or it can cause damage.

Hot tub filling and heating time, capacity:

Diameter Filling Time Water heating time Capacity
Ø160 40-60 min 2-2,5 h 1.2-1.4 m3
Ø180 60-90 min 2-2,5 h 1.6-1.8 m3
Ø190 ~90 min 2-2,5 h 1.8 m3
Ø200 ~90 min 2-2,5 h 1.8 m3
Ø220 ~90 min 2-2,5 h 1.8 m3